Day 2 - Bias in EXO M: Zhang Yixing aka Lay 💕


YiXing!! 💋

Luhan as EXO-M's Leader

  • Suho: Luhan, our show starts in 10 minutes, where is everyone?
  • Luhan: What do you mean? EXO-M is here and ready to go!
  • Suho: Like half your group is missing.
  • Luhan: No, they're not! I'm here... Xiumin's here... and uh... -points to Tao- the other one's here.
  • Suho: Tao is only here because he used his ninja skills to pack himself in Sehun's suitcase. Two of your members are missing.
  • Luhan: Look, Xiumin's here so I doubt fans will even notice if Yisha-
  • Suho: Yixing.
  • Luhan: - and Jennifer -
  • Suho: Jongdae.
  • Luhan: -are here.

my first try completely failed because my time got all distorted because I went to the Philippines so now I’m trying it again and maybe go through with it!

Day 1: Bias in EXO-K - Oh Sehun!


Love his smile <3


Xiumin & Lay


evetuxiaohan’s instagram update with Lay 140723


and an older post from galaxy_fanfan


Do I leave this to fate, mark it off as a mere coincidence; or do I let myself believe that it’s a message?

edit: probs a coincidence kbaebsong :/


Zhang yixing 💕 on We Heart It.

Mr. Statuesque

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seeing boa and sehun dance makes you realize how much sehun grew lol

1/?? Hair colors of oh sehun: Rainbow